Ordering and Delivery Information

Ordering & Delivery Information

We operate the 'CHALENGE 25' policy


  • Drivers CANNOT leave the alcohol anywhere except the address on the invoice
  • They MUST deliver the alcohol to a person aged over 18.
  • They MUST NOT leave alcohol in a garage or shed - if  they are not sure about any of the above they NEED to take the alcohol back to base.
  • Only if they are sure the person is OVER THE AGE OF 18 and sober can they deliver the alcohol 

Licencing Terms

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Customers are to be aged 18 years and over to order on our shop.  

Prefered method of ordering is via the online shop, but facebook messanger orders will be accepted. 

Preorders are preferred, with orders in 24 hours before delivery. Not all items may be availible due to stock issues. This woill be relayed on receiving your order. 

Orderers received by 6pm can be delivered on the day. 


Orders can be cancelled up to 6pm the day before  your order is to be delivered. Refunds will not be issued when canceling after this time. 


Delivery time will start  at diffrent times each day. We cannot give you an exact time as all delivery routes will change every night. If your require your order for a certain time, just inform us and we will help as best as possible. 

Delivery will be at anytime between 

Option 1: LOCAL - Aberdeen Postcodes, AB21, AB22, AB23, AB24, AB25

Flat rate: GBP 0.00

Option 2: LOCAL - Aberdeen Postcodes, AB10, AB11, AB12, AB13, AB14, AB15, AB16, AB41

Flat rate: GBP 2.50

Free for orders above: GBP 40.00

Option 3: LOCAL - Aberdeen Postcodes, AB30 to AB56 (not included AB41)

Flat rate: GBP 4.50

Free for orders above: GBP 50.00

Option 4: Nationwide UK Shipping 

Flat rate: GBP 6.00

Free for orders above: GBP 70.00

Minimum of 48 hours notice required for all Nationwide deliveries. 

These terms are not exaustive. If your require any further information please Contact Us.