A family run company, based in Kinellar, Aberdeen. My name is Chris, and I run the business with my wife Lauren.   Here’s a little bit of background about us; I joined the Royal Navy when I was 16 years old as an AB chef. I  always loved cooking and knew from an early age that I wanted to work in catering. I decided to do a course at college to learn more about the art of cooking first, but after a couple of days, I decided that ‘this is a carrot’, ‘this is a potato’ was not the route I wanted to go down, I needed something much more hands on.  The next day, I signed up to the Royal Navy.

Cosmo by Reynolds Corporate and Cocktail
Rack of Lamb by Reynolds Corporate and Cocktail

As you can imagine, the thought of travelling the world at that age with no care in the world was very appealing to a young man and I grabbed it with both hands. I must admit, now that I have two sons of my own, I can only imagine the worry I must have caused my mother. Now, at the age of 35, I now have 15 years military catering experience under my belt. Some of my proudest and greatest achievements have been catering for 100s of guests aboard military ships including members of the Royal Family and National and International Dignitaries at prestigious events throughout the world. I am incredibly proud to say that I have served aboard lots of ships including HMS Ark Royal and latterly, HMS Illustrious.